Real Estate Professionals and Their Cybersecurity Needs

Real estate professionals and their firms benefit greatly from robust cybersecurity measures. Cybercrime can be destructive within the real estate industry not only to firms and professions but for clients as well. Cybersecurity procedures can become a real estate professional’s best friend when it comes to keeping private information and assets safe.

Real Estate Cybersecurity Needs To Ensure a Safe Environment

What has had a particular effect on the real estate industry, something that is impacting real estate professionals and their firms everywhere, has been the influx of remote workers within the last few years. This new remote approach to business has changed many factors of cybersecurity throughout numerous industries and needs to be weighed by all firms.

What causes hackers to target real estate professionals and their clients is simple. The industry relies heavily on large amounts of funds that are often transferred between various accounts. Cybercriminals often keep an eye on both high and low-profile real estate firms, as well as their clients, in order to come up with an approach that will allow them to steal the information they need.

It should be noted that it is not only funds that can be stolen, but private information of any kind that can be sold. This includes email passwords, network passwords, and even social security numbers. In recent years, cybercriminals have been increasing the amount of attacks on real estate firms, with many more firms reporting some kind of cyber breach or attempted attack yearly. 

How to prevent cyberattacks for your real estate firm

However, these increased cyberattacks do not have to be a cause for alarm if real estate professionals are willing to invest in a strong cybersecurity strategy. This involves a blend of education, software, and other factors that can boost risk posture within an online space.

For starters, firms should invest in antivirus software. Keeping this software up to date is also necessary. Across numerous industries, the ability to track and remediate cyber vulnerabilities in a transparent manner is also becoming important. Software offered by firms like Drawbridge will allow your organization to be taken care of through both automated monitoring as well as human verification.

Cybersecurity awareness training also makes up a large portion of a successful cybersecurity plan. Ensuring that staff that can recognize and report potential vulnerabilities and cyber attacks, and act with cybersecurity in mind at all times, will lead to less breaches overall and a stronger risk posture.

Keeping your firm safe online is a must. Real estate professionals everywhere are adapting to increased cybercrime through a variety of defensive procedures, but what is most important–especially for firms who lack the resources and staff to build and maintain a robust cybersecurity program on their own, is finding the right cyber security professionals that can enhance these procedures through experience and real-time management and optimization of your cyber protocols.

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