Securing the Future: Inside Drawbridge’s Rebrand and New Website

At Drawbridge, we are united by our belief that cybersecurity is a strategic business asset, particularly for firms in the financial services and alternative investment community. By ensuring their people, systems, and data are fully protected, financial industry firms can minimize risk, stand up to regulatory scrutiny, and transact freely with clients and counterparties.

Since we launched Drawbridge four years ago, our founding principles and commitment to our clients have remained the same – but just about every other aspect of our business has evolved.

We have become a trusted partner to more than 800 alternative investment firms and their portfolio companies, representing more than $1.7 trillion in assets under management. We are proud of our position as the industry’s leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, and we have built an expert team and strong company culture that reflect this success.

But perhaps the biggest shift has been our evolution into a true modern technology company. When we launched our business, we focused heavily on policy creation and point-in-time cybersecurity assessments, with our experienced team working closely with clients to assess their systems, take stock of their goals, and provide a roadmap to robust cybersecurity policies and practices. We laid the groundwork for the Drawbridge platform at this time, and we knew significant investment would be required to deliver the user experience we strove for.

Today, human expertise still figures heavily into what we do, but we place a greater emphasis on the continuous detection and remediation of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. To that end, we have made significant investments in our technology offerings, enabling alternative investment firms to leverage our solutions with as much or as little guidance from our staff as possible. We are proud to deliver the industry’s leading all-in-one cybersecurity platform, enabling users to perform continuous due diligence, assess risk, monitor for security breaches, and test their protection with unprecedented independence and insight.

These efforts have generated significant value for our clients, as well as a lot of excitement within our own walls. But somewhere along the line, we realized that while we were making significant investments in our people and technology, we were underinvesting in our brand. The strides we had made in solving the industry’s cybersecurity challenges meant that the way we talked about our business and presented ourselves externally were no longer accurate.

That changes today.

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand, which includes a new visual profile and revamped website, with an updated logo to match. Together, these elements give us a cleaner, more modern look as we embark on an exciting new era for our business, while maintaining continuity with the established brand you’ve come to know and trust.

The cybersecurity landscape is a dynamic one, with industry regulators in seemingly constant exploration of new standards, while clients and counterparties are increasing their scrutiny as well. Remaining compliant and ready to do business requires ongoing attention to the latest trends, as well as the right talent and technology to address them. To that end, we have always been and will remain committed to constant evolution – and now, we have a look and feel that matches this commitment.

We look forward to what’s to come for our business, and you can expect to hear from us frequently in the weeks and months ahead. You can keep up with us by signing up for our email list or following us on LinkedIn, where we’ll share product updates, webinar and event information, hiring news, and our insights and perspectives on the biggest cybersecurity issues facing the alternative investment community today.

The evolution of our brand may be complete (for now), but our evolution as a firm is just beginning. We are grateful for the support of our clients as we work to empower them with industry-leading cybersecurity technology, and we look forward to delivering even more going forward.