Service Spotlight: How Drawbridge Can Help Your Data Privacy

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A rise in data breaches throughout numerous industries have pressed federal bodies into strengthening regulations.

Within certain industries, this pressure has been internal, with a clear emphasis on pushing firms to have the best cybersecurity possible as part of plans to combat an evolving threat landscape.

Data and information privacy refers to protections on sensitive data, this can include anything from personal data or other confidential pieces of information that a firm may have stored. Financial, and even intellectual data are also possible targets by malicious parties. Regulators’ goals are to ensure that your firm, no matter the amount of data you interact with, is ensuring the protection of said data.

With Drawbridge, data management can be made easy. Utilizing the DrawbridgeConnect platform, your firm will easily be able to meet federal requirements and guidelines. With a team of dedicated professionals able to take on the laborious task of due diligence and meeting guidelines, your firm’s cybersecurity can be taken to modern levels.

With Drawbridge’s cybersecurity professionals, you will be able to:

  • Build Your Data Privacy Program
  • Conduct data mapping exercises to identify and document who has access to your data, where it is stored, and how it is protected
  • Conduct vendor due diligence on third parties with access to your personal data
  • Conduct data privacy assessments
  • Prepare or update your privacy policies
  • Guide your business through cross-border transfer requirements, such as Privacy Shield
  • Plan and develop data breach response and recovery procedures

Cyber threats and malicious online parties have only been increasing in recent years as industries worldwide have shifted to handling more online data. It is important to both meet federal regulations, as well as to keep the data your firm is handling confidential.

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