Service Spotlight: Keep your Firm Secure with Portfolio Company Due Diligence from Drawbridge

Portfolio companies are at high risk and a prime target for cyberattacks and other digital threats.

Breaches by cyber attackers can be costly, cause significant business interruptions and downtime, and can negatively impact the reputation of your business and your investors’ confidence.

At Drawbridge, we address the risks and challenges your portfolio company faces with our knowledge, expertise, and cybersecurity software and solutions. We are dedicated to helping you build a strong cybersecurity program so you can protect your business and give your private equity sponsors and stakeholders full transparency.

We start by assessing your cyber risks by helping you identify relevant threats to your organization. From there, we begin tackling them with a refined, custom-made cybersecurity program, all while creating a roadmap to meeting industry frameworks, cyber regulations, and the best practices for your business. At Drawbridge, we diligently and thoroughly ensure your firm’s cyber safety with factors like Pre-Deal Cyber Risk Assessment, Active Portfolio Company Cyber Risk Assessment, and Ongoing Portfolio Company Cyber Program Management.

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