“Tech Talk: Drawbridge” – HFM Global

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HFMTechnology recently spoke with Drawbridge’s Managing Partner, Jason Elmer, who provided his insight and expertise on the exceptional benefits of providing global cyber-security practices in the Alternative Investment space.

“We saw a gap in the marketplace for alternative investment managers that were looking for a cyber-security partner who was well-versed on the ins and outs of their businesses and the information security requirements facing them from regulatory bodies and investors.  We are hoping to fill that gap and become the consultancy that can help managers with building and implementing a cybersecurity program that is right-sized for their business that allows them to exceed what both regulators and investors are asking of them.”

“We are seeing an increased demand from investors that managers of all sizes have a strong cyber program in place.  The due diligence process is no longer a “check the box” exercise.  Investors are getting more well-versed on this topic and are asking increasingly more detailed and specific questions.  Regulators also continue to be vocal about the issue; the FCA and SEC both recently issued fines to financial institutions for failing to follow their firm cyber programs guidance.”

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