Traders Magazine: Outlook 2023: Jason Elmer, Drawbridge

2022 saw an immense uptick in investor pressure that drove cybersecurity software and solutions. The upcoming SEC mandate has forced firms to stop kicking the can down the road and begin to make decisions around what they will put in place for cybersecurity governance. 

In this article for Trader’s Magazine, Drawbridge President Jason Elmer explores the trends he saw in 2022 surrounding cyberattacks in the financial services sector. Jason continues by exploring what he expects to see throughout 2023, saying “The cyber landscape is changing fast and so the year ahead will see new threats and tactics from threat actors who want to capitalize on the security shortcomings of financial institutions. Phishing and ransomware will remain prevalent as will the use of the Dark Web.” 

Jason highlights several important trends that many may not know about but will still be important including: 

  • Phishing attacks are lucrative and are expected to grow by $25 billion in 2023 
  • Why relying on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will not be enough to prevent cyberattacks for firms, as many MSPs are being targeted themselves by cyber threats – highlighting the importance of dedicated program management 


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