Assess, Report, Remediate, Repeat

Time is of the essence in cybersecurity. The average time between a vulnerability being announced and attacks launched to exploit that vulnerability is less than 8 days. Point in time scans and penetration tests are ineffective when it comes to protecting against new vulnerabilities. Our platform protects your organization by continuously scanning your network to ensure vulnerabilities are found and remediated.

Vulnerability Management As A Service (VMAAS)

Vulnerability Management is an ongoing, comprehensive program that will analyze the vulnerabilities in your network in a continuous manner rather than a point in time vulnerability assessment.

Drawbridge Portal


Our vulnerability scanning is conducted on your firm’s external and internal networks on an ongoing basis.


DrawbridgeConnect-R™ will highlight vulnerabilities in your firm’s external and internal networks.


Our comprehensive user interface and reporting engine allow you to visualize your vulnerability management program in order to keep up to date with tasks and remediation.

Ongoing Access

Ongoing access to DrawbridgeConnect™ Cybersecurity Program and Vulnerability Management Application

Vulnerability Scanning

Drawbridge provides ongoing vulnerability scanning on your network and aggregates data highlighting the following:

Missing Patches

Operating System Vulnerabilities

End of Life Detection

Software Vulnerabilities

Configuration Mistakes

Weak Passwords / Default Credentials

Remote Code Execution

SSL / TLS Vulnerabilities

SSH Vulnerabilities

We also provide vulnerability scanning of your internal network to provide more detailed data and reporting at the workstation and server level.

Remediate from Anywhere

Our reporting highlights all vulnerabilities on the external and internal networks along with remediation guidance. And we work directly with your IT department or Managed Service Provider on any items necessary for remediation and validation.

DrawbridgeConnect-R™ User Interface and Reporting

Our comprehensive user interface for cybersecurity and vulnerability management allows you to view and manage data, and track and access reporting.

Reports can be customized and generated directly inside the Connect-R user interface.

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