[Live webinar] Using Analytics to ensure cyber resilience across Private Equity Portfolio Companies

In today’s challenging economic climate and highly competitive fundraising landscape, cyber resilience among Portfolio Companies is critical for safeguarding enterprise value, and ensuring a profitable exit.

Drawbridge, renowned as a leading cybersecurity authority in the Alternative Investment Manager space, has developed an elegant yet robust tool designed to empower Managers in assessing and mitigating cyber risks among their investments.

This cutting-edge solution allows Managers to effortlessly visualize the levels of cyber risk across multiple PortCo’s on a single screen and benchmark one PortCo’s cyber program against another. In our upcoming webinar, hosted by Drawbridge cybersecurity experts, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about these capabilities (and more) to help Private Equity Managers unlock the potential of proactive cyber risk management in your investment portfolio.

Date and time:
Thursday, April 25, 2024
8 am PT // 11 am ET // 4 pm BST

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