[Webinar Recording] Protecting Assets with Cybersecurity Strategies for Family Offices

Watch this webinar recording to learn how Family Offices can achieve operational resilience and protect their assets.

In 2021, Boston Private reported that 26% of U.S. Family Offices fell victim to a cyber attack. This compares to the 2023 UBS survey that found 63% of Family Offices were targeted by cyber attackers. As Family Offices and Private Wealth Advisory Firms are hit more often by cyber criminals, firms have an increased need to prioritize their cyber program.

On January 31, 2024, Drawbridge interviewed Scott Coughlin, Partner and CTO at Seven Bridges and Lou Cordone, Head of Client Success, for insights on how Family Offices can protect their assets and ensure operational resilience.

Topics for this 30-minute discussion included:

  • Cyber-related challenges that Family Offices face, including budget and human resource constraints.
  • Recommended strategies when building and optimizing a cyber program.
  • Concrete suggestions on how Family Offices can leverage cybersecurity measures to meet their investment goals.

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