[Webinar recording] A practical guide to DORA compliance strategies for Investment Fund Managers and Asset Management firms

Time is running out to meet the EU Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) requirements. Register for the joint webinar with Zeidler Group to learn how you can be prepared before the January 2025 deadline.

DORA, intended to ensure stability and cyber resilience in the financial sector, is a complex piece of regulation that requires a comprehensive review of your cyber and risk management program.

Watch the webinar recording to learn from legal and compliance experts at the Zeidler Group, including Valentin Chantereau, Head of Legal Services and Peter Sherwood, Associate, and Simon Eyre, Drawbridge CISO. They delved into the core requirements of DORA and unveiled insights on designing an efficient, risk-first program for compliance.

Key discussion points:

  •  In-depth review of DORA and its timeline
  • Unraveling the legal and cybersecurity specifics and nuances of DORA
  • Practical guidance for alternative investment and wealth management firms to successfully meet DORA requirements before the compliance deadline.

Discover how alternative investment and wealth management firms can navigate DORA and facing disparate impacts of regulatory changes. Don’t miss this opportunity to fortify your organization’s cybersecurity resilience and ensure a seamless journey towards DORA compliance.

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